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Sticky ginger pud

I adore Jamaican ginger cake. It reminds me of being little, digging sticky fingers into these huge hunks of cake, which tasted rich and spiced and exotic. These days, the cakes you buy in the supermarkets don't seem that big at all (have they got smaller?!) but just one taste is enough to take me back to all that lovely innocent excitement.

My quick-and-easy dessert takes just six minutes to whip up, and all you need is three ingredients - so it's the best of all worlds!

I recommend buying a few extra ginger loaves when you're getting the ingredients for this one, just in case of emergencies...

Serves 6


2 x sticky ginger loaves (approx 230g each)

4 tbsp marmalade

2 tbsp ginger wine or other sweet liqueur


Slice the ginger loaves into eight pieces and arrange the slices on a serving plate.

Put the marmalade and wine in a small saucepan over a medium heat. Let them bubble away until thick and sticky, stirring constantly so the sauce doesn’t burn.

Pour over the top of the ginger slices, giving it a few minutes to soak into the sponge. Serve hot, with plenty of cream or ice cream.

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